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I could not yell out, much as i tried to, i could not move a muscle and the more i tried to move, the tighter a hold it had on me.I also felt like something eerie was in the room with me because i heard some very low pitched "groaning" throughout the episode.

It is truly terrifying to be held down, then to re-account the episode the next day. I am awoken by something and I am awake when this is happening to me and can see my room clearly not dreaming it is so terrifying when this is happening.Seek to understand it rather then be fearful of it.I also call in the name of Jesus & rebuke it in his name! I woke up to something climbing on my bed and as my bed sunk in I tried to look but I was paralyzed as if I was being pressed down by my neck & shoulders into the bed.When this happens to me I call on the name Jesus and it goes away...I have no idea why we experience this type of powerless phenom and I realize its scary but if this happens again don't panic remain calm and ask it questions to understand the purpose of the act.

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Here is my story: The first time I experienced this, my best friend and I had moved into a trailer we were renting. One night, I was awakened by this tremendous force penning me down in my bed. Over the months, I've become more terrified of the entity and have not slept for periods of 2 weeks at a time...which landed me in the hospital due to exhaustion.

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