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The other ring fort known as the King's Seat may actually be constructed around a prehistoric tomb.

Ireland's Stonehenge, a 4,500-year-old structure at the Hill of Tara in Co Meath, has been re-created by archaeologists and computer-graphics experts.

This stone may once have stood in front of the entrance to the passage and, like the two pillar-shaped stones that stand in front of both the eastern and western tombs at Knowth, it too may be contemporary with the tomb and belong to a tradition of erecting standing stones around or in passage tombs.

The Lia Fáil or Stone of Destiny which stands about one metre in height is considered by some to have been a fertility symbol.

Tlachtga on the Hill of Ward near Athboy is 12 miles from the Hill of Tara.

This silver energy gives the potential to access higher spiritual awareness.

Nebuchadnezzar sent his army and laid siege to The City, whose inhabitants became so hungry that they ate their own children.

The City fell and was burned and Solomon's Temple on Mount Moriah - The Holy Place - was also destroyed.

According to legend on the inauguration of a worthy high king the stone would roar its approval.

The Earth Energy Fields of the Hill of Tara display a high degree of spiritual focus.

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Tlachtga is clearly visible from Tara and the fire lit on the eve of Samhain may have been a prelude to the Samhain Festival at Tara.

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