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Funny, clever and with sudden flashes of deep emotion, Tennant's time lord strikes me as a pretty good jumping off point for the most famous and challenging of all Shakespearean characters. Well, Tennant isn't in the pantheon of the great Hamlets yet.

Tennant is at his best though when he dares with his emotions and lets rip.This is acting of the highest order with Stewart also doubling as a superb and terrifying Ghost.Penny Downie harrowingly charts Gertrude's decline from high society lady to abject terror and exhausted, alcoholic remorse; Mariah Gale makes a deeply poignant Ophelia; while as Laertes, Edward Bennett transforms himself with aplomb from goofy Hooray Henry to fearsome assassin.As the run continues, Tennant should trust his feelings, dig deeper, expose more of himself.I have no reservations at all about Stewart, who delivers the strongest, scariest performance as Claudius I have seen.

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