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But most importantly the college needs more diversity! Even though the closest deli to Ramapo that is off campus is about a 10 minute drive, it is located in a nice area a across from the campus is a reservation where you can go hiking and just enjot being outside. I feel as if I'm getting a personalized education at Ramapo, because of how invested the professors and faculty members are into seeing me succeed.

There are a lot of opportunities to get involved on campus if you look for them, and you can really get as much out of your experience here as you put into it.

Once you step off the school's compound you end up on a high way. It changes with the season breathtakingly and animals are often seen passing through. I am a commuter, so I am on campus four days a week, but all my professors always offer to come up on days we don't meet or even weekends, to sit down and help with whatever you may need.

There are no nearby stores or any sort of attraction that students can enjoy without taking the school's shuttle. It is a lively college community on the weekdays but on the weekends, the campus is quiet. The professors are always willing to help and that is a big plus to Ramapo.

I would brag about the majors, which are very important to students.

As a liberal arts school, they provide a well-rounded education for students to venture into different aspects of concentration.

There is no additional cost to a user who selects a loan presented by one of our partners. Ramapo College of New Jersey ensures that the safety of their students comes first.

50% of students live on campus while the other 50% commute.

Our nursing building is brand new with the most up-to-date technology What is your overall opinion of this school?

Most of the staff, I've encountered are friendly and wise.

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

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