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And I always think what happens when you walk your five year old down Christopher Street every day, and there are fake penises in the window, fake vulvas in the window, blow up naked dolls.At some point you’re going to have to talk to your child about what they’re seeing in that window, and it’s the same thing with respect to homosexuality.There wasn’t much adult influence in saying ‘actually guys, you shouldn’t be saying that.’ I remember an English teacher standing in front of the class and one of the words was ‘gay’, and she said ‘oh yes, the meaning of ‘gay’ has changed over the years, back then it meant ‘happy’, then it meant ‘homosexual’ and nowadays you guys use it as an insult don’t you? ’ and she was just solidifying it for us that that’s standard.KATE: I think honesty with children is the best way, it’s so simple to explain. ’ KIM: My dad got a new girlfriend over the summer, she’s got two sons, they were five and eight at the time.Later, the 8-year-old happened to overhear a conversation we were having which happened to contain the word ‘homophobia.’ Later on in the kitchen, he turned to me and asked ‘what did that actually mean?’, so obviously I had to explain that to him, and so he found out about me and the girlfriend, and he was perfectly OK with it. ’ and I was like, that’s such insight for an eight year old.In the US it is highly contested and here in the UK, we’re not necessarily more comfortable introducing small children to homosexuality.In January this year, Conservative cabinet minister David Jones expressed his doubts over the ability of gay people to raise children.

KATE: My sister was always very curious about my romantic life, so when I told her about my girlfriend, she was most worried about nieces and nephews. And then I started trying to introduce the idea of trans, you know, maybe you don’t feel comfortable in the gender you were given originally. They’re asking these questions – they’re wanting to know.He takes as his starting point Clause 28 of the Local Government Act, which banned discussion of homosexuality in UK schools.Not repealed until 2003, it meant that if you were born before 1993, it was illegal for your primary school teachers to even tell you what the word ‘gay’ meant.But, he suggests, the idea of introducing children to homosexuality has, if anything, become more controversial in recent months……‘One daddy, one mummy, don’t lie to the children’ chanted hundreds of thousands of Parisians in January, protesting gay marriage and adoption.

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